The main focus of the company's philosophy is to work through the system and benefit both the individual and society, first and last, our goal is to achieve the desires of our customers for modern housing that fit different levels of income.

We work dynamically and effectively at the community level and the individual field, Real Estate Investing is now considered important part of the national economy growth elements, and in the past few years it played very active role in country economy .It is linked to more than one field of activity: industrial, commercial , service and tourism. Al Saraya is one of private real estate investment companies that are serious and committed to the goals and vision of the future.

We work for the continued growth and the positive influence in the development and reconstruction movement and work on the development and modernization of the building and construction industry, and re-cultural and aesthetic appearance of the Egyptian urbanism with constants and values that we do not give them up.


To contribute in building a civilized systems with high architectural style.

To offer housing units fit different strata of society.

The clarity of the idea of a good balance between profitability and public interest.

"Between profitability and quality."


Al Saraya Company is operating in the field of construction, the overall construction concept that it lead since its inception.

We work on building an economic entity of the company in real estate investment in order to grow and expand steadily with deliberate and targeted goals in a growing line graph. We work on building integrated entity that its members cooperate focusing on its customer's quality service, in terms of value, outstanding, and confidence.

We work on building entity always yearned to a prospective client..... Our goal and our means ..... To hurry on towards our client.

We hold him on our shoulders with a history of honesty, trust and dedication to service.

We work on building an entity that feels the pulse of the community.. that knows circumstances of it and be emotional and interact with it, with the great goal of rising altogether in development and progress.

We work on Building an entity in a climate of healthy competition to get our client pulls by our precedent performance and qualitative achievement.

We work on building an entity like a block in the society that get affected and affecting. That gives and takes. And feels like a wagon in train and the other time feels like the locomotive itself , which means interconnected and interact , integrating and contributing .

The History and the Law

Al Saraya Real Estate Investment SAE is in accordance with the provisions of Law No. 159 of 1981 and its implementing regulations issued by the founded Committee in accordance with Article (18) of the said Decisions dated 06/25/1996 of law.

It is registered in eastern Alexandria with number 14216-dated 09/15/1996.

The total capital investment in the company's projects almost four hundred million pounds.

The company's own strategy is to trace from the beginning the site selection, exterior and interior architectural design and the level of high finishing , taking into account the diversity of the components of each project from residential, commercial , touristic and administrative units.

These accomplishments have been achieved thanks to the fruitful cooperation between the company cadres of staff and training

Functional Structure of the company

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